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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

             Dear parents, students and all the well wishers, Greetings to all and welcome to the new edition of Website of Kilbil St. Joseph’s High School. This unique gift is an online platform to give you all the information about this outstanding organisation with a few clicks. Our school is an epitome of progressive and quality education and with its powerful vision and mission statement, we strive uncompromisingly to achieve and uphold its powerful motto “Let Your Light Shine”. We are on a mission to educate our students with right attitude, creative thinking, moral and ethical values, responsible and eco friendly behaviour to face any challenges of life with courage and optimism.

            We are honoured to be imparting quality education under the blessings of our Foundress, blessed mother Brigida Morello of Jesus who was an institution in herself and a revolutionary personality of her time. She believed that education was the first stepping stone towards self discovery.

            Our Patron, Saint Joseph is also a symbol of peace, prosperity and tolerance which we inculcate in our students. We are passionate about creating a learning institution that is dynamic and constantly seeking excellence to meet the needs of the present as well as the future. We are a not for profit organisation with the only aim and commitment to create a complete individual with academic knowledge, intellectual curiosity and social responsibilities.  We are fortunate to enlist a good team of dedicated and passionate teachers who believe in instilling moral values in students along with academic distinction. Our strong PTA forum is also very loyal and committed to the institution and plays a key role in all its progress. The strong infrastructure of the school and the exceptional camaraderie that exists between the management, staff and coordinating members makes it one of the most devoted and complete organisation with only one mission, Welfare of its students. We have adapted to the new normal by launching a digital revolution by starting online classes, because we refuse to compromise with students well being under any situation. I appreciate the dedication and the selfless service of the teachers of the past and the present in quickly moulding themselves and contributing in the dignified task of spreading knowledge and its apparent qualities, aims and objectives.

            My heartiest congratulations to all the members of the Kilbil School family on the re-launch of our new website. It will be a valuable source of information with newsletters, achievements and everything associated with the school.

            Thank you for being associated with Kilbil School. Let’s work together and build a strong global family where there is love prosperity, growth, happiness and general well being. Let us know as to how we can help make your experience with Kilbil School even better!

            We look forward to your opinion and suggestions for the welfare of our children.

Sr. Floropia Borges