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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Greetings for the academic year 2023-24,

            It is with immense joy and gratitude to God, I welcome you all at the beginning of the new academic year 2022-23. The new academic year has come with a new hope –a hope that after the dark clouds of Covid-19, a silver lining of getting back to normal life will appear soon.

            “If you plan for a year, sow corn. If you plan for a decade, plant trees. If you plan for life, educate your children.”(Chinese Proverb)

            Education is the process of inner growth and development of human beings from the cradle to the grave. It is the best investment a family and a nation can make, which reaps rich dividends in terms of forming individuals to be renowned personalities. Viable changes and vibrations of reformation in society can be initiated only through education, for true education brings about on all-round development and transformation in the individual, improves the lives of others, and make the world a better place to live in..

            Children are definitely our greatest treasure. It is the duty of the parents and educators to form them into individuals of personal integrity, professional excellence and desirable discipline. The vision of our education is that ,’To facilitate the all-round development of an individual through a sound spiritual , intellectual, emotional and physical education based on the Gospel values of love, truth, justice and peace to serve humanity’.

            We are aware of the fact that we are educating a new generation, different from our own and hence every educator is required to change the approach and methodology to suit the context.

            Today our globalized world, with its positive and negative features poses fresh challenges to our education system and demands adequate responses. Amidst all the chaos and confusion the youth face today, how can we build their world with love and peace, positivity and hope? How can we make an impact on their lives and help them live purposefully in a complex world, where intolerance and violence is on increase?

            The acquisition of knowledge in school is only one goal of education. Another primary goal of education should be enabling students to gain moral values. Our children need both knowledge and morality to prepare themselves to be good friends, parents, colleagues, co-workers and citizens in society.

            The guiding rule of our school is “Let your light shine”. Such a powerful message inspires our students to give their best and spread their values and wisdom to the world around. We at Kilbil help the young ones to mould a good life which is inspired by love and guided by knowledge. We aim and strive to provide ‘quality education’ that combines spiritual and human formation to enable our students to live purposefully in the world. I earnestly seek the cooperation of the parents to fulfill this dream of our education.

Sr. Sheetal UMI