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Kilbil St. Joseph’s High school is equipped with a comprehensive and state of the art Computer lab with over 35 computers and spacious enough to accommodate more than 50 students at a time. There are two teachers to attend to a class at a time and the lab is also provided with a white board and green board on either side. Each computer has a separate connection and is provided with all the necessary software needed from class 1-10. The seating arrangement in front of the computer is also very scientifically designed. The tables having the computer monitors are very spacious and at the perfect height for the students. Proper decorum is maintained in the computer lab by the students. A complete silence prevails in the lab during class hours. No outside material is allowed to be brought inside the computer lab. The computer lab is very well ventilated with large multiple windows and doors. Children enter the lab in a proper queue after removing their shoes in the respective classes. Individual attention is given to every student while working on the computer. Regular competitions are conducted for the students during class hours on the topics related to their curriculum to boost their computing skills. Strict instructions are given to the students to take proper care of the devices. Keeping in mind, the importance of computer in this digital world, students are also encouraged to participate in several competitive exams related to computer round the academic year. Overall, the subject of Computer is given lot of importance in KIlbil St. Joseph’s High school. Children also take keen interest in the subject and perform excellently.