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Our School Kilbil St Joseph's High School has the large open area with a hard surface just behind the school building, where the school children can play and do other activities.

Physical activity at a school playground plays a critical role in improving the attention spans of kids, decreases stress and anxiety, and prepares the little ones for classwork. It also improves motivation and helps kids try out things that they may not be inclined to try in a classroom setting. School has a big playground. It has a huge boundary wall.The students play all types of games on the playground. Games like Volley-ball, Throwball, Football, Cricket ,Basket ball, Athletics, Kabaddi, kho-kho & many more are played. Our school Principal encourages all students to play one or the other game..

A playground is part of a school. Mental and physical development is quite necessary for the wholesome development of a personality. Having this in mind our school authorities have chosen a playground ideal in many respects.As all games are played the students find it pleasant to go to the ground and play.Our physical training masters encourage all students to play the games they are interested in. They teach the students games with great interest .Our playground has an ideal location.

Our school students take part in various interschool competitions. Some of the students have won laurels in the various sports field. The students are very good in their respective games.

*Playground Equipment. Football Goal post, volleyball and basketball courts . Children's Park .

Sliding Equipment. School Toy Slider, Kid Fibre Slide, Animals Slide, seesaw ,Merry go round, climbing ladder etc ..

A playground, playpark, or play area is a place designed to provide an environment for children that facilitate play, typically outdoors. ...